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Find ways to spread joy

I found my way to farming in a round-about way, hence the name Full Circle Flowers. Cycling through stints in natural resource management, law, corporate sustainability, global agricultural trade, and animal rescue, I gradually honed-in on my desire to work in local sustainable agriculture. I enrolled in the sustainable agriculture certificate program at CCCC, got a job as a farmhand, and never looked back. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to always be learning and excited to be a part of the supportive, dynamic community of local farmers in North Carolina. Growing flowers brings me great joy and my hope is to spread that feeling to you.



I believe the closer we can mimic the cycles of nature, the more sustainable we become. Full Circle Flowers does not use any synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides. I model my practices on organic methods, emphasizing soil health for long-term productivity and planning ahead to prevent issues before they arise. 

One of the ways I work with natural cycles is by turning the waste of my two pet rescue pigs, Willie and Dolly, into compost for the farm. They love to eat and they're also pretty photogenic, so I've made them my official mascots. 

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